Theme from M'rocco

by Hush

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During the summer of 1985 underground film director and guerrilla futurist Koichi “Bleat” Tatsugami released his final movie about the tree climbing goats of Morocco, entitled simply M'rocco.

The film was a culmination of all that had gone before, a reassertion of the belief underpinning all Tatsugami's previous works: The belief that the tree climbing goats of Morocco are aliens sent down to Earth to prepare us for joining the galactic community.

The film was a commercial failure and Tatsugami was shunned by both the artistic and pseudo-scientific communities. In a fit of pique he destroyed all copies of M'rocco and then vanished from the public eye.

The story should have ended there.

Fast forward to 2019. A group of film students at Manchester University unearth a mysterious VHS cassette in a box in a basement room of the derelict Henry Roscoe Building off-campus.

Extensive testing of the cassette ensues. Carbon dating puts its production date at 1985. Chemical testing of the label, upon which someone has scrawled the word "believe" in black ink, reveal a saliva proteome only found in goats. Tests on the integrity of the tape confirm that it can be played through a standard VCR.

The students watch the contents of the tape and are astounded to discover the final remaining copy of Tatsugami's M'rocco.

Now Hush has been asked to compose music for the newly restored film.

"Theme from M'rocco" will be used as the main title music to M'rocco which is set for a limited cinema run later in the year.

Prepare to have your mind blown.

"We must look to the goat before we look to the skies."
Koichi “Bleat” Tatsugami


released March 10, 2019


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