The Lathe of Hell

by Hush

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In January 2018 a close friend of Hush travelled to Germany in order to purchase a very special vinyl cutting lathe.

The lathe was the one used to record the proceedings of the Nuremburg trials from November 1945 to October 1946. This machine absorbed the confessions, denials and justifications of lead figures in the Nazi hierarchy. Hermann Göring, Rudolf Höss and Albert Speer all took the stand while others such as Martin Bormann were represented in absentia.

These were the men who orchestrated one of the most devastating acts of genocide and total war in modern world history. The horrors they described at Nuremburg were recorded on to the lathe which now resides in a studio somewhere in Manchester, England.

Hush has exclusive access to this lathe.

Now two of the finest horror writers in recent times have each contributed a story that reflects the unimaginable destruction and the utter violation that war wreaks on the innocent, and the not so innocent:

This mp3 release is only the beginning. Later this year a run of 30 vinyl EP’s will be cut using the Nuremburg lathe, the Lathe of Hell.

The first 30 people to purchase the mp3 release will receive a discount on this very limited and exclusive run. Each record will be signed by the authors, numbered, and presented in a fold out sleeve with additional information. The vinyl cut will also include a very special bonus track.

The authors:

Jeffrey Thomas is a writer from Massachusetts. He has written over 20 novels and even more short stories. Jeffrey was recently described as the master of the weird by This is Horror. Jeffrey's work can be found on his Amazon page.

Farah Rose Smith is a poet, fiction writer and film maker based in Providence, RI. She is the founder and editor of Mantid magazine and the creative director of Grimoire Pictures. Farah's short film The Atrocity Shoppe can be found via the link below.


released June 21, 2018

Narrated by Jeffrey Thomas and Farah Rose Smith

Engineered and scored by Hush

Artwork - Jeffrey Thomas, Farah Rose Smith and GrandeDuc/Shutterstock

Rat King is an excerpt of the story by that name, which appears in Jeffrey Thomas' short story collection Aaaiiieee!!!

Rithenslofer is an original piece written for this EP.


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